Harnessing Industrial Waste Heat for Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy

We are dedicated to transforming the industrial landscape through innovative solutions that promote energy efficiency, water efficiency, and circularity.

Our Mission

To redefine traditional steelmaking plants into dynamic multi-sectoral circular hubs. The goal is to achieve efficient resource management through innovative and strategic waste heat utilization, minimizing waste and maximizing resource circularity within steelmaking processes.  

Our Goals

Our strategic goals underscore our commitment to transforming the industrial landscape and promoting sustainable practices.

Create a sector-coupling circular hub

Establish a pioneering sector-coupling circular hub centered around the ArcelorMittal Ghent site.

20% reduction targets

Target a 20% reduction in energy, water, and raw material consumption, coupled with a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

Integrated software tools

Implement integrated software tools within the HURRICANE project to facilitate the optimization and replication of the circular hub model.

Efficient resource management

Execute efficient resource management strategies by recovering and utilizing industrial waste heat and water from steel mill processes.

Community and industry benefits

Extend the benefits of the circular hub beyond its industrial components to other sectors and local citizens through the implementation of a heat grid.

Alignment with EU initiatives

Align with the objectives of the EU Green Deal, contributing to increased public awareness and participating in initiatives aimed at advancing sustainability within the European industrial landscape. 

Get Involved

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